WEALTHCOME Asset management

We attract active traders to your project through the creation of a market, rather than drawing numbers

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The Ingredients for Our Clients Success

Deep Order book and Narrow Spread

Narrow spread allows market participants to trade token with low slippage and to push volume up, while deep orderbook increases liquidity and confidence, which attracts large investors.

Smart Trading Volume Management

Active management of trading volumes increases market confidence and ratings attracting new traders and audience to your product.

Dump & Pump protection

Absence of price spikes indicates market maturity and further developing token confidence.

WealthCome monitors token price manipulation 24/7 protecting token reputation.

Trendline Formation

Active price trend strategies trigger algorithmic market participants and smart screeners attracting new audience to the token and your product.

Personal Trading Team

Trading team offers 24/7 availability and token management for the client.

It is possible to carry out OTС settlements.

Token buyback or cashout at target price levels.

Balance Drawdown Protection

Setting drawdown limits.

Performance dashboard.

Telegram notifications.

Weekly report.


of Market
Making with

Volumes & Order placing

AI based market & organic trends follower

Trading Account Balance

Smart orderbook management with trading account balance control


New token audience partially turns into your userbase


Continuous capacity increase with organic traders attraction

New listings

Increase the probability of listings on tier 1-2 exchanges

Watchlists and ratings

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko ratings token natural growth

Spikes & Slippage

Slowing down sharp price fluctuations and slippage

Let's start


Onboarding and Initial analysis

Indicating client’s needs and targets. Analysis of key project metrics. Individual offer preparation if needed.

Up to 3 days


Setup of exchanges accounts with needed liquidity. Final approval on trading strategies and reporting standards.

Up to 2 days


Gradual start of market making activities with constant update according to client needs.

Up to 1 week


Partners & clients

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